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Our singing classes release the unique potential of Starbrite pupils allowing them to craft their vocal prowess and become an exceptional singing talent.

What will I gain from joining a singing class?

  • Learn correct singing techniques. This will greatly improve performance and protect your voice from strain and injury by following established, safe singing practice which is designed to use your body appropriately.
  • Digitally record, mix, and publish songs. We have the equipment to not only record your voice digitally, but to mix and publish it too. Why not combine this with our green screen video recording hardware to produce your own song video too?
  • Tuition from professionals. Our teachers have performed and taught singing professionally for many years, and continue to undertake training themselves to ensure they are always utilising the latest techniques.

The pupils will cover a vast variety of singing styles including pop, rock, jazz, and classical so may discover a hidden talent or love for a style they never knew they had.

Recording studio and green screen studio

These facilities are available for the students to take their singing to a professional level as it allows them to become familiar with how their voice works and gain experience using industry standard equipment. By understanding basic principals of how voice recording works, it helps the singer understand how to use their voice in that setting to create an expert sound.

Working with this equipment is great fun as it develops social skills between the students and builds a sense of community and shared learning.

By gaining experience working in a green screen studio, singers can be photographed and filmed and then superimposed onto virtual backgrounds. This is a great visual tool which creates the perfect environment to help students build up a strong portfolio to demonstrate their skills which they can use to strengthen their college audition techniques.

If you love to sing at every opportunity, including in the shower, then our singing class is definitely for you. The singing class will cover the fundamental principles of safe singing practice and will help to mould and develop tone, range, and singing performance.

Reasons to join our singing class

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Digital recording

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