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Dance for Emi Week

Dance for Emi week at Starbrite Studios

At Starbrite Studios, we are looking forward to a very special week full of exciting fund-raising activities for one of our members, Emi Taylor. Activities will take place between Monday 24th July and Saturday 29th July 2017.

For each of the events, we are asking that you bring a £1 donation.

On each night of the Starbrite timetable, we will be hosting different activities to help raise money for Emi, ending with a disco on Saturday 29th July.

Who is Emi Taylor?

Dance for Emi week at Starbrite Studios

Emi is a happy, fun loving 16-year-old, who is deaf and blind, with learning disabilities caused by a genetic condition which she was born with. Emi’s parents have always tried to help Emi to join in with things that other children get to do, and Emi regularly enjoys attending Starbrite with her sister and brother, and she takes part in a class herself.

Emi’s Mum, Helen says: "It's so lovely to know that Emi is always welcome and can be included in her own unique way.

Dance for Emi week at Starbrite Studios

Over the last year or so, life has been hard for Emi. As she's grown taller, the twisting of her spine has made walking more difficult, and although Emi is still really keen to keep trying, it's not deemed safe for the people working with her to help her. It's getting more difficult and needs more and more special equipment. Sometimes, this can be provided but sometimes it isn't considered essential, even though it makes a big difference to Emi. Giving Emi the chance to keep mobile and be upright and join in with things is so very important for keeping her well and getting the most she can from life.

On top of this, Emi's had a dislocated hip. This happened because her hip socket didn't form properly. Sadly, Emi's had a lot of months of pain and a lot of medication to cope with. She had a full hip replacement a month ago and is making a really good recovery. We're getting her back on her feet again a little and she's doing a few supported steps. What's really lovely is that Emi has begun to come back to life again and is able to start learning and enjoying things again. There is still some pain but it's much better than it was.

Over the coming months, we want to prepare for Emi to move towards being an adult, which feels very strange and a bit overwhelming. We'd like her to stay close by and still be at home some of the time, but she needs more space to use all her equipment and somewhere set up for her to learn the skills of life with the support of her amazing team of intervenors, who act as her eyes and ears. We want to look for somewhere in Pocklington where there are lots of people she knows and places for her to visit and shop and learn and meet with others and be at the heart of her community. This is a really big venture and adventure for us all but we know we can achieve it when Emi is surrounded by people who really care about her.

Our first priority though is to get Emi on her feet as much as possible and hopefully help her to have an active and happy summer."

If you would like to know more information about the Dance for Emi Disco or would like to donate, please contact us.