Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Classes on our timetable are either categorised by age or ability level (level 1 meaning beginner and level 4 meaning advanced). In you would like to discuss your requirements with us, please feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to advise you.
The cost of each class varies, but you can view individual class prices by browsing our timetable. Discounts are available to everyone who pays by one of our preferred payment methods within seven days of their invoice date.
All classes operate during school terms according to the local council (East Riding of Yorkshire Council for our Shiptonthorpe studio and York Council for our Upper Poppleton venues). Please browse our timetable for details of upcoming term dates.
We also operate workshops during school holidays, details of which are published throughout the year on our events page..
Each class has its own guidelines for attendance, based largely on a combination of age and experience, so it is not always to provide a definitive answer. Our 'Twinkles' parent & toddler class takes children from the age of 18 months, though almost all other classes are available for all age groups. If in doubt, please speak with a member of the Starbrite Crew or check out class requirements on our timetable.
Most of the classes suitable for children require a uniform to be worn. However, during the first month of joining Starbrite and whilst children are settling into their classes, we do not expect a uniform to be purchased. Thereafter, details of which classes require which uniform can be found on the specific class pages and can be bought from our online shop. Prices of each uniform vary depending on size.
Classes which do not require uniform are as follows:
  • Twinkles parent & toddler
  • Commercial
  • All adult fitness classes