Current Classes

Venue Day Time Level 1 Price/Class
Enroll Shiptonthorpe Tuesday 19:45-20:30 4 £4.80
Enroll Shiptonthorpe Wednesday 16:15-16:45 1 £4.00
Enroll Shiptonthorpe Wednesday 18:15-19:00 1-2 £4.80
Enroll Shiptonthorpe Wednesday 18:15-19:15 3 £5.30
Enroll Shiptonthorpe Wednesday 19:00-20:00 2 £5.30
Enroll Upper Poppleton, York Thursday 16:15-16:45 1 £4.00
Enroll Upper Poppleton, York Thursday 16:45-17:30 1 £4.80
Enroll Upper Poppleton, York Thursday 16:45-17:30 2-3 £4.80

1 1 = Beginner 2 = Improver 3+ = Advanced

Class Description

Commercial dance is the trendiest and most current form of dance the world over. It allows dancers of all ages to engage in high energy, music video-style dance, while displaying their personal style. It is heavily influenced by Jazz and Street dance, and is the style most shared on YouTube and social media by famous teachers and choreographers, including Brian Freedman, Jasmine Meakin, Matt Steffanina, Nika Kljun, Blake McGrath and Camillo Lauricella to name just a few.

The style is performed to the most current chart and commercial music, although teachers and choreographers also use throwbacks to the pop music of the 90s from time to time. Alongside music videos and social media, the style plays the biggest role in music artist tours and live entertainment television shows such as The X Factor.

This class will allow your child to express their individuality through both their performance and their clothing, while enabling them to become the King or Queen of the dance floor at either their friends' party or school disco.


Uniform is not required for this class, students can express themselves in their own clothes but are advised to wear comfortable trainers.

Students can optionally wear the following Starbrite branded uniform.

Ages Top Bottom Footwear Accessories Important Notes
3-10 years
Children's Starbrite Branded Crop Top

Children's Starbrite Branded Vest

Children's Black Mesh T-Shirt

Children's Starbrite Branded Jacket

Children's Starbrite Branded Zipped Hoody

Children's Starbrite Branded Leggings
11+ years
Adults' Starbrite Branded Crop Top

Adults' Starbrite Branded Vest

Adults' Black Mesh T-Shirt

Adults' Starbrite Branded Jacket

Adults' Starbrite Branded Zipped Hoody

Adults' Starbrite Branded Leggings
Ages Top Bottom Footwear Accessories Important Notes
3-10 years
Children's Starbrite T-Shirt

Children's Black Nylon Lycra Cycle Shorts
11+ years
Adults' Starbrite T-Shirt

Adults' Black Nylon Lycra Cycle Shorts


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