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Venue Day Time Level 1 Price/Class
Speak with a member of staff to enrol Shiptonthorpe Tuesday 17:30-18:45 1-3 £6.00

1 1 = Beginner 2 = Improver 3+ = Advanced

Class Description

The Exam Coaching class is available to students working towards their graded exams (preparatory through to grade 5, where appropriate) in the core dance subjects of ballet, tap, and jazz. Multiple teachers will focus on pure technique training to prepare students for their graded exams.

A single genre of core dance technique will be focused on at any one time during the class for a period of weeks or months, before taking the related IDTA exams at whichever level each student has been learning and practicing. Once the exams have been taken, a new genre of dance will be introduced, and this will continue until all dance genres have been taught, after which the cycle will start again.

Students attending this new class will have access to the Starbrite Studios Moodle virtual learning site, where all the exam music and videos will be available to support students’ practice at home, along with other useful material to help aids their learning and development.


The uniform worn is this class is dependent upon the genre of dance currently being taught. Please refer to the uniforms of the relevant ballet, tap, and jazz classes for more information.

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