A Night of Musicals

Starbrite's 2018 Show is entitled "A Night of Musicals", and will be a glittering night of dance, drama, and song, featuring performances from many famous musicals from the West End and Broadway, including "Annie", "Mary Poppins", and "42nd Street".

Important Checklist

  1. Buy your show tickets (click on link or scan the QR code on the right hand side of this page).
  2. Show tickets go on sale on Tuesday 13th November at 10:00. In order for everyone to have the opportunity to come and watch their child in the show, tickets are limited to 4 per child until Monday 19th November, after which this restriction will be lifted.

  3. Check 'Your child's scenes and costumes' document (see link below).
  4. Please check with your child if we have listed all the scenes they appear in and let a member of the Starbrite Crew know if there are any issues.

  5. Read the 'Timetable of events' document (see link below).
  6. This document provides important details of dates, times, places, and things required for all the rehearsals and shows.

  7. Complete and submit the 'Fit to perform form' (see link below).
  8. Students will not be permitted to perform unless this has been completed and returned to Starbrite by Saturday 17th November as these forms need to be processed by the council.

  9. Complete and return the 'Medicine administration form', if required (see link below).
  10. Any medication that your child needs (even if it is self-administered) to take whilst in our care needs to be handed in with a completed medicine form to Miss Kirstie when signing in on each day. If your child is on any other medication that we are unaware of please let Miss Kirstie know either in advance or on the day. For the safety of all our students, no medication is to be stored in a student’s bag with their personal belongings. Medication that is stored at the studios on a regular basis such as epi-pens will not be brought with us, you will need to please provide us with another one.

  11. Please pay for your costumes by the stated date.
  12. Check your email and speak with a member of the Starbrite Crew if you have not received this or you have a query about your invoice.

  13. Refer to the 'Additional show items needed' document (see link below).
  14. Students are welcome to bring items with them to use when they are not on stage such as colouring, reading books, electronic devices and mobile phones but please be advised that these are brought and used at their own risk.

    We don’t want to spoil everyone’s fun but for reasons of safeguarding students must not take photos or selfies whilst they are in the theatre without a Starbrite employees’ permission. We will try and give them as many opportunities as possible.

    Please don’t forget to pack your child with plenty of food and drink for the show and rehearsals. There will be nowhere to purchase food and drink on site.

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