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The Starbrite Promise

Last updated: 23/05/2018

The Starbrite Promise is a mutual commitment between Starbrite Studios and all of its members, outlining what Starbrite believes how we can best work together. We are a community-based performing arts school that aims to deliver the highest possible level of instruction and service. But we also recognise that despite everyone’s best intentions, we can all sometimes fall short of expectations. The Starbrite Promise states these expectations and makes everyone aware that we all should strive to meet, and where possible, exceed them.

Starbrite Studios promises to:

  1. Exercise kindness, care, and good judgement when looking after children under our supervision. Many of our classes which include younger members have female Classroom Assistants (CAs) present, who are older Starbrite students who share a passion for performing arts. The CAs’ role is to assist our younger members whilst in class, to help them to settle in, and to escort them to and from the toilet, which may be situated outside of the teaching area.
  2. Operate a performing arts school that is inclusive and available to everyone.
  3. Professionally deliver a performing arts programme which is internationally recognised.
  4. Offer a wide variety of classes and activities, instructed by professionally-qualified and DBS-checked teaching staff, in a safe, secure and suitably equipped environment.
  5. Nurture members, giving them a feeling of belonging to the growing Starbrite family.
  6. Develop technique and confidence for all members at a level appropriate to their age and experience.
  7. Offer prospects for its members to develop further by taking part in external events and activities.
  8. Provide opportunities for members to showcase their work within Starbrite and at external events.
  9. Enter members for exams where agreed, at the correct level, to develop their skills and confidence.
  10. Be available to discuss each member’s progression at a pre-arranged meeting with parents and/or carers.
  11. Inform members of changes to scheduled timetabled activities at the earliest opportunity.
  12. Demonstrate that discipline and respect for others, and fun and enjoyment, are all part of the overall Starbrite experience.
  13. Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements stipulated by local authorities or other regulatory bodies. Starbrite is a school recognised by the Council for Dance, Drama, and Musical Theatre (CDMT). We teach the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) syllabus and are approved by local councils for delivering classes within their schools.
  14. Generate an invoice for all regular Starbrite activities at the beginning of every half-term.
  15. Listen to all constructive feedback and try our very best to continually improve so that all our members feel that their views and opinions count.
  16. Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, whereby members are entitled to a full refund of all fees for classes or activities not yet taken part in if they are unsatisfied with the delivery of those classes or activities, and Starbrite is made aware of this within the first term of starting the class. This is subject to the fees payable for those classes or activities being paid by the specified invoice due date.

Members and/or their parents/carers promise to:

  1. Complete a Member Registration Form for each member, and inform Starbrite of any change in circumstances immediately, particularly in relation to contact details and medical conditions.
  2. Arrive at least five minutes before their classes are due to start. Arriving late for a class or activity may result in the teacher refusing entry, and members will not be entitled to a refund of fees for that class or activity.
  3. Wait with their child until they are handed over to teaching staff at the start of their lesson. Children under the age of eleven years must be dropped off and collected by a parent or a carer. The Starbrite receptions are public areas, and children do not become the responsibility of Starbrite Studios until they are handed over to a member of Starbrite teaching staff.
  4. Inform Starbrite at the earliest opportunity if they are going to be late collecting their child or if someone else is scheduled to collect their child. Starbrite Studios accepts no responsibility for injuries or accidents which occur when children are not under the direct supervision of teaching staff during their pre-arranged class times.
  5. Inform Starbrite if they are likely to be unable to attend their usual Starbrite classes or activities for a prolonged period.
  6. Recognise that missed classes, for whatever reason, will not be liable for a refund of fees for those classes.
  7. Withhold members from classes if they have suffered from diarrhoea or vomiting at any time during the previous 48 hours.
  8. Acknowledge that if the size of a class consistently falls below a minimum level, then a shared or individual private lesson may need to be arranged as a replacement, charged at the current cost for such lessons. Members are not obliged to take part in these private lessons.
  9. Respect the premises and be responsible for their actions or the actions of children under their care when they are not taking part in Starbrite classes or activities.
  10. Pay all invoices by the specified due date, which is seven days from the invoice date. If full payment for invoices is not received by Starbrite Studios by the due date, all discounts previously applied to the invoice will be withdrawn, and an administration fee of £25.00 will be applied to the total invoice value. Persistent late payment of invoices may result in suspension from classes, expulsion from Starbrite Studios, and possibly legal action to recover any fees owed. Payment can be made by cash, debit card or electronic bank transfer. The sort code and account number for electronic bank transfer details are sort code 40-47-31 and account number 44572378. Please include the member’s name as a reference to allow us to easily identify these payments.
  11. Prevent children from running around in the café, reception area, corridors or car park, or from making excessive noise that causes disruption to others.
  12. Acknowledge that they are fully responsible for all activities and communications that take place during the use of any wi-fi facilities provided by Starbrite Studios, and adhere to the following rules regarding their use:
    • Seek to gain unauthorised access to computer systems or information (‘hacking’).
    • Not engage in any illegal activities.
    • Not engage in gambling.
    • Not use the computer for sending material likely to cause offence or inconvenience, commercial email (‘spamming’), and chain letters.
    • Not use the wi-fi facility for the purpose of libel, slander or harassment, or for sending material likely to cause offence or inconvenience.
    • Not display text or images that may reasonably be viewed as obscene or offensive.
    • Not plug equipment into electrical sockets without permission and will ensure that cables do not cause a safety hazard.
    • Not violate copyright or software license agreements.
    • Not use the wi-fi facility for viewing live television broadcasts, for which Starbrite Studios is not licensed.
  13. Refrain from disturbing classes once they have begun. Members not taking part in classes or their family members or friends are not permitted to watch classes without prior approval from Starbrite Studios, as this disturbs the class for all members who are taking part.
  14. Ensure that all children are wearing their full uniform where appropriate and have their hair fully styled when they arrive for class. For reasons of hygiene and the protection of everyone, members are not permitted to get changed or style their hair in public areas of Starbrite Studios. Starbrite stocks a full range of the required uniforms. Please see a crew member for full uniform requirements. If a member fails to consistently wear the correct uniform after their four-weeks settling in period or being notified by Starbrite, they will be asked to leave the class. Members are also required to wear the correct Starbrite uniform when representing Starbrite at external events.
  15. Recognise that as members progress through exam grades, they may be required to attend classes on different days of the week and/or at different times of the day. Members who do not wish to be involved in exams may be moved to a higher level at the discretion of Starbrite teaching staff.
  16. Be polite, kind and supportive to Starbrite staff and other members of the school.
  17. Attend classes regularly, and inform Starbrite in writing, as soon as possible if they wish to stop attending a particular class or if they wish to leave the school. Any classes before this notification date are chargeable, even if not attended.
  18. Not use Starbrite costumes or performances in personal activities without prior permission from Starbrite Studios. Performances are licensed to Starbrite Studios.
  19. Remove all jewellery and cover any tattoos unless otherwise agreed with a member of Starbrite teaching staff.
  20. Store all bags and equipment away neatly in the provided storage areas. Bags and equipment should NOT be discarded on the floor in any public areas. Starbrite Studios does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings, howsoever caused.
  21. Turn off mobile phones during lessons.
  22. Not eat or chew gum during class. Members are permitted to bring drinks in a bottle with a sports lid into class.
  23. Respect simple, common-sense rules of behaviour that do not endanger themselves or others, or cause loss or upset to other members and Starbrite staff. Members who continually fail to reach the required standard of behaviour may be excluded from Starbrite Studios’ activities or may be asked to leave the school. Any fees already paid will not be refunded.