Private lessons

Working with our dedicated and experienced teachers, our private lessons provide everyone with an opportunity to receive personalised attention as an individual or as a small group. Starbrite provides numerous flexible ways in which private lessons can be utilised, either as part of new or ongoing performing arts training, as friendly fun activities, or as social opportunities for families and friends.

What types of private lessons are available?

Working with our dedicated and experienced teachers, you can attend classes in dance, singing, and drama. Our private lessons provide you with an opportunity to maintain your training either during normal school terms or over holiday periods, to allow you to continue your development as a performer.

There are many benefits to attending a private lesson:

  • Missed a few classes? Take a private dance class. We have exam intensive workshops appearing in the New Year but for some of our members they are keen to make time back up. Learning within both a class and private lesson environment can prove very beneficial when preparing for exam work as it can accelerate the learning.
  • Subject focused - We appreciate that pre Covid-19, some of our students were only attending one style from the technique-focused subjects. These types of classes can still be arranged. Let us know via email if you are interested in attending only one core subject class and we will try to group you with like-minded students at a a similar level to accommodate this.
  • Self-confidence - If a dancer feels like they are having challenges with a certain step or skill, a private lesson focusing on one or two techniques can make all the difference in the world for learning. Much of dance is about self-confidence and the reward that goes with the feeling of accomplishment.
  • Get to know your dance teacher - A private lesson is a great way to build a relationship with your dance teacher in the environment of a one-to-one lesson. Your teacher will create a tailor-made plan for your individual needs, giving instruction on how to work on other skills and a plan in which to achieve them. This personal feedback will soon start to show within class!
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