IDR Assessments

Receiving an invitation for your child to be entered for a badge or award is a fabulous achievement and one that should be celebrated. Here at Starbrite Studios, we aim to make the award day enjoyable, making a fuss of each of our students as we celebrate their success with them.

At Starbrite Studios, one of the associations we offer awards through is IDR (International Dance Rewards), which offers a wide range of qualifications suitable for all ages and abilities.

During all our Star Dancer, Star Performer and Star Gymnast classes our talented students not only learn and develop new skills but will also have the opportunity to embark on an incredible journey with the International Dance Rewards scheme. This initiative is designed to enhance their dance skills while providing a pathway for them to earn coveted badge rewards and certificates.

The IDR scheme has carefully curated awards across various skill categories, fostering the growth of confident and skilled performers. It's important to note that these badges are entirely optional and will not alter the core content of our engaging sessions. Rather, they serve as a wonderful way to recognise and celebrate the commitment and progress your child makes in our vibrant classes.

Achieving these badges offers more than just a tangible reward; it instills a sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment for your child's dedication to the class. We believe that this positive reinforcement will encourage them to continue learning and growing, all within the supportive and inclusive environment that Starbrite Studios is proud to provide.

To ensure transparency and engagement, Miss Emma, our Creative Director and International Dance Rewards assessor, will oversee the assessment process.

The badges and certificates associated with the International Dance Rewards scheme are priced at just £8.50 per subject, making them an affordable and accessible option for all families. We believe that these awards not only celebrate accomplishments but also encourage a lifelong love for learning and self-improvement.

We are excited about the positive impact this program will have on your child's development and are confident that the International Dance Rewards scheme will further enhance their experience at Starbrite Studios.