Starbrite's Performing Arts Outreach Programme
"Perform - Inspire - Educate"

Do the students in your school have a passion for performance? Would you like to provide your students with specialist high-quality performing arts provision which fulfils National Curriculum criteria?

Starbrite can provide all of this to fit in with your school's busy day.

We are passionate about making the performing arts available to everyone, not only those who attend our studios. We have been working with local schools for several years now, and have in the past offered the services listed below.

As a performing arts school, we can plan and deliver dance, drama, and singing lessons and workshops in schools, but we can also offer acro/gymnastics and dance circus activities too. We are a member of the International Dance Teachers'’ Association (IDTA) and are accredited Acrobatic Arts and Dance Cirque providers.

At Starbrite Studios, we take care of the administrative aspects of our programmes, including enrollment, registers, and payments.


All of our programmes aim to:

  • Improve health and well-being
  • Develop literacy, numeracy and ICT skills
  • Boost confidence
  • Help children make friends
  • Encourage resilience
  • Build social skills
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of cultural difference, learning and physical disability across the social spectrum
  • Counter gender stereotypes
  • Build teamwork skills through group-led choreography
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles

We work with each school to deliver themes which enrich school learning and the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3. Our action-packed classes are full of energy, fun and flair for all and encourage creativity and imagination through the performing arts.

Curricular Activities

  • PPA (Planning, Preparation, and Assessment) staff cover
  • Lesson plan support and delivery of dance- and acro-based P.E. lessons
  • Delivery of cross-curricular dance lessons and workshops
  • Staff CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for all aspects of performing arts
  • School trips to our studio and theatre spaces
  • Support with participation in theatre products and competitions

Extra Curricular Activities

  • After-school clubs
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • Breakfast clubs


Why not offer a celebration and reward for pupils in the form of a workshop or a party? A themed dance party for your school to celebrate the end of term or special occasions such as:

  • Shows
  • Dance competitions
  • School fairs
  • Leavers' experience
  • Annual events - Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Children in Need

Filming and Recording Services

We also offer a recording and media production service on-site or at our black box theatre and studio space in Shiptonthorpe. We can record audio and video from a single class or event to a whole school production. Find our more about our production and media services.

How Starbrite can make an impact in your classes

Recognising the impact of diet, exercise and lifestyle.

  • Offering dance as part of healthy eating week.
  • Delivering fun and creative cardio activities to improve student engagement in physical education lessons.
  • Emphasising the importance of warming up and what areas of the body this affects.

Reading aloud and recognising new sounding words.

  • Using flash cards containing different street dance steps, children move around different station in small groups, read the new words and the instructions to perform the step.
  • Linking these new words and movements together with the teacher to perform a short street dance routine.

Locating countries of the world, focussing particularly on Europe and the Americas.

  • Teaching dances from the different countries.
  • Introducing children to local traditions and costumes.
  • Using world music to support the delivery of the music curriculum.

Using the children's voices to perform pieces either as a soloist or within a group.

  • Creating soundscapes to experience the sensation of a particular acoustic environment.
  • Utilsing Starbrite's own professional audio and video recording and disc duplication equipment to create music CDs of the children's work.

Incorporating new and diverse activities such as dance and acrobatics into PE lessons.

  • Setting relaistic goals in acrobatics to allow children to achieve new tricks and movements.
  • Adding an element of fun to classes by using Starbrite's gymnastics inflatable tumble track.


Some of our success stories

Watch your students develop their...

Health and wellbeing

Socialisation and teamwork

Imagination and creativity

Active listening

Movement and co-ordination

Confidence and self-belief

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