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Click here for a free trial Shiptonthorpe Saturday 10:25-10:55 18 months-4 years £4.40
Click here for a free trial Shiptonthorpe Saturday 11:05-11:35 18 months-4 years £4.40

Class Description

Our Twinkle Tots parent and toddler class aims to develop our smallest stars as they embark on their life learning journey. We explore movement, co-ordination, singing and dancing in a class in which parents are encouraged (but not forced!) to participate.

The programme is written entirely in-house at Starbrite, ensuring we incorporate all the key elements of the EYFS whilst adding a generous sprinkling of Starbrite magic. Themes change regularly so you and your child will always be engaged.

When first joining one of our parent and toddler sessions, it may take a few weeks for your little one to settle into a new environment. This is why our rolling one-month enrolment programme works perfectly, as after the month, both parent and teacher will be able to make a confident assessment as to whether the session works for them.

There are lots of things to overcome when attending something new; meeting new faces, learning to work with new equipment, and exploring a new space. We all know how hard these things are to overcome as an adult, but rest assured when your little one is ready to participate they will blow you away. The Early Years Foundation Scheme (EYFS) celebrates any pre-schooler who attends a new environment, even if they only initially observe their surroundings, as it is a sign that they are ready to take their first steps into a new chapter of their exciting life journey.

How will parent and toddler dance, drama, and singing classes help my child?

Imagination and creativity

Our themes are designed to inspire and stimulate children's minds.

Rhythm and co-ordination

Dance, drama, and singing are excellent ways to accelerate these key skills.

Self-expression and empathy

Our themes encourage self-expression, which is key to child development.

Have fun!

We write our own exciting and imaginative themes.

Learn about the world

Discover other people and cultures, past and present.

Spend quality time with your child

Strengthen your bond by playing and learning together.


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