Newsletter 03 - Starbrite news, January 4th, 2021 -

As we remain in tier 3, all of our classes for under 18s can still go ahead and we recommence our new term on Monday January 11th, but in line with the new government announcement we will only be able to host physical classes for primary school children, years 11 and 13 with the remaining school years attending classes via zoom until Monday January 18th.

We also have a new look timetable to accommodate the recent advice which we are very excited to share with you all.

New Year, New Term, New Timetable

Year 2020 was definitely one for the books but it is onwards and upwards with exciting things planned for our Starbrite members in 2021.

In line with the latest government announcement we are thrilled to be bringing back to the timetable tap, commercial and our new acrobatics/gymnastics classes.

The classes will still be formed as bubbles, with different genres grouped together to reduce the flow of traffic entering and exiting the building. Students will still perform within their spotlights adhering to social distancing rules and class sizes will be limited to a maximum of 14 students across both dance studios on the ground floor.

January will see the start of the IDTA exam work across all classes and this year we will begin work for the 2021 production in February. We are looking to run exam work and show work side by side this year to give all members the best opportunity to progress in exams but also to put their new found technique to the test with choreography and performance. Further information regarding this years show will be released soon but the aim is to create a part 1 and a part 2 for this year's DVD, filming in both June and December 2021, subject to the latest restrictions.

2022 will see the preparations start for our 20th Anniversary show.

The Show Stars bubbles we created for our recent show saw many of our members try out new subjects and some found a hidden love for their new found subject, we couldn't believe how many secret talents we had hiding in the school. The amount of new ballerinas and theatre craft performers we have discovered since September has certainly got the creative team excited for the future talent of Starbrite Studios coming through the levels.

With this in mind we have created three new bubbles, based on the level the students are currently working at. Students will now be able to attend classes in multiple bubbles rather than just being confined to a single bubble, and thus experience familiar and new styles. These new bubbles are:

  • Star Dancer - this bubble will include all core technical subjects, ballet, tap and theatre craft, creating an all-round dancer.
  • Star Performer - this bubble will include commercial and musical theatre subjects, both of which focus on strengthening style and confidence in performance.
  • Star Gymnast - this bubble will focus on the Acrobatic Arts syllabus bringing in expert teachers from both this field as well as from British Gymnastics.

All three bubbles combined as one full performance package will certainly see a breed of performer who will be a force to be reckoned with, and as Steven McRae, Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet said, "...just like an academic education, a dance education should cover multiple disciplines and styles."

Whether you dance for fun or are a serious-minded performer, the additional skills and synergies you will develop when attending multiple styles will provide many skills and benefits, such as:

  • A knack for problem solving - the show must go on, after all.
  • Teamwork mentality.
  • A 'thick skin' and the meaning of perseverance.
  • Unwavering dedication.
  • A sense of self-discipline.

With the current social distancing restrictions in place, spaces within these class bubbles are limited. Based on previous classes you have attended, days and times you have previously attended, requests to attend new classes, and family/friendship groups, we have assigned most of our members to their new bubbles as a starting point. We would like all of our customers to review these on the Starbrite Customer Portal. If you are happy with the class allocations then you don't have to do anything more at this stage, if you would like to be removed from a bubble then just drop us an email at and we can sort this for you.

So we can open up places to our waiting list we would appreciate if you could let us know by 6.00 pm on Thursday, January 7th. If we don't hear from you in this time we presume you are just as excited as we are about the new changes.

Adult Classes

Our previously titled 'Jazzercise' class is also having a make-over and from 2021 will be rebranded as 'DanceFusion'. It will still be the high-energy, fun class you love but just packaged in a different way at a slightly different time, 7.30pm-8.15 pm.

Unfortunately, part of the tier 3 restrictions are that we cannot run classes for our adults within the studios. This means that DanceFusion will be returning to Zoom only for the foreseeable future and that our group tap classes will still be on pause.

It isn't all negative though as we do have an exciting theme to kick start our new year of dancing off. Let us introduce the 'Dance Passport'. As our travel plans are restricted we are going to take our adult members on a voyage of dance discovery. Each member will be allocated a dance passport on our learning environment, Moodle. Each month our instructors will teach a new dance style from a different country and at the end of each month you will receive a stamp on your passport. So pack your suitcase and join in the virtual fun. This class is also open to our adult tap members who may want to try something new for 2021.

For our adult tap members we can offer a private lesson for up to two people during this time so if you are keen to get your tap shoes back on and tap your troubles away then this option may be for you. Please get in touch to discuss available private lesson time slots.

Twinkle Tots Parent and Toddler Classes

We have had a great time delivering our popular Twinkles class as an interactive, virtual story book since September.

Miss Emma has worked hard to develop this programme so it could be taken seamlessly into a virtual world and we couldn't be more proud of the end result. Our Twinklies took to the screen with confidence, interacting with Miss Emma bear and each other with such excitement, the anticipation of them watching the screen ready for the next page of the activity book to be turned was just wonderful to watch.

We are super excited to announce that Twinkles has been renamed to Twinkle Tots and will be returning to the studios from Saturday, January 16th at a new later time of 10.20 am, a time we feel will suit everyone.

Our Twinkle Tots parent and toddler class aims to develop our smallest stars as they embark on their life learning journey.

Each month we explore a new theme through movement, co-ordination, singing, and dancing in a class where parent and child can bond together, sharing special memories.

Check out our web page here to learn even more about this class.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all parent and toddler groups are limited to just six children attending with only one parent. The guidelines state that one of the six spaces is formed by making one heartbeat with their parent or guardian.

We have loved interacting with you virtually but we are super excited to start seeing you again in the studios. Please note that virtual places are still available for our Twinkle Tots class.

Private Lessons

Private lessons will still be a regular feature on our timetable and are available for all our members. They have proven to be popular with all age groups. Whether it be for a weekly slot or just as a one off treat, to explore a new dance style or assist with GCSE dance and PE subjects, we really can tailor these for each individual requirement.

There are many benefits to attending a private lesson:

  • Missed a few classes? Take a private dance class. We have exam intensive workshops appearing in the New Year but for some of our members they are keen to make time back up. Learning within both a class and private lesson environment can prove very beneficial when preparing for exam work as it can accelerate the learning.
  • Subject focused - We appreciate that pre Covid-19, some of our students were only attending one style from the technique-focused subjects. These types of classes can still be arranged. Let us know via email if you are interested in attending only one core subject class and we will try to group you with like-minded students at a a similar level to accommodate this.
  • Self-confidence - If a dancer feels like they are having challenges with a certain step or skill, a private lesson focusing on one or two techniques can make all the difference in the world for learning. Much of dance is about self-confidence and the reward that goes with the feeling of accomplishment.
  • Get to know your dance teacher - A private lesson is a great way to build a relationship with your dance teacher in the environment of a one-to-one lesson. Your teacher will create a tailor-made plan for your individual needs, giving instruction on how to work on other skills and a plan in which to achieve them. This personal feedback will soon start to show within class!

With the addition of extra classes we didn't want to just presume that members currently attending private lessons would want to continue. Please drop us an email ASAP if you would still like to attend a private lesson so we can book you into an available time slot.

IDTA Exams 2021

We will start the year with preparations for exam work for all our independent classes with the first session scheduled for March 27/28th (take a look at our events calendar here).

We have also scheduled into the year exam intensive workshops to help even out our students' levelling due to exams missed during 2020.

These exam intensive workshops will take place during half-terms and weekends resulting in an exam session at the end of the intensive period.

2021 we also see the exciting addition of virtual progression cards using our online learning environment, Moodle.

Virtual Progression Cards

As parent showcases are on hold for the time being we wondered how could we still get you the parent involved within your child's development and learning.

Here is where we introduce our virtual progression card. At regular intervals throughout the year Starbrite will host an in-house grading day to assess students' progress and to update parents. Each student will be assigned a progression card and ticks will be placed against activities, skills or exercises as a student completes them. These activities, skills or exercises will be supported by either video or photo footage with access to music so your child can put on their own demonstration for you at home.

When a particular skill set has been completed then there will be a chance to purchase in-house awards to recognise this success and then the opportunity to take the regulated exam once all skill sets have been completed.

We will be rolling out these progression cards for ballet and Acro/Gym from Preparatory through to Grade 5 level in each. Skill sets in the remaining subjects will still be implemented and monitored in the coming weeks and months. Feedback can be provided to parents at any time, just email to set up your parent meeting with Miss Emma.

Sneak Peek

We just hinted that we will be introducing a new class based on acrobatics/gymnastics in the New Year. 'Star Gymnast' will be hitting the Starbrite timetable from Thursday February 4th, 2021.

Miss Emma's friend and colleague, Claire Hartley, unfortunately was forced to close her dance school in Tockwith after 18 years during the Covid-19 pandemic but we are thrilled to announce that with Miss Claire's excellent gymnastics background and Miss Emma's Acrobatic Arts knowledge this will be a great class for all budding dancers and gymnasts out there.

The programme is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of acrobatics/gymnastics: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.

Members of the Star Gymnast classes will also have the opportunity to attend in-house grading days to earn badges, they will also be invited to take part in performance competitions to win either bronze, silver or gold medals. Once a full skill-set has been completed then members will be invited to attend a grading day with Acrobatic Arts where students are tested against a global standard.

So students can be grouped together fairly, based on their current level of strength and flexibility, interested students will be asked to upload photos of certain skills for Miss Emma and Miss Claire to assess and then group together.

We would like to provide our current members with prority access to these classes before we open them up to the general public, so please email us ASAP if you are interested in attending so we can add you to our waiting list.

January Uniform Sale

With the re-launch of tap back on to the Starbrite timetable why not grab yourself a bargain pair of tap shoes in our January sale over on our online shop? These are priced from as little as £12.95 complete with toe and heel taps fitted.

Additional items will be added to the sale in the coming days, so keep an eye on our sale.


In and amongst all the exciting news we've already told you we still have a calendar full of events published on our web site, take a look here.

We really feel that there hasn't been a more appealing time to be a member of Starbrite Studios and we look forward to creating new but most importantly positive memories for 2021.

Wishing you all happiness and health throughout the year. With love, Miss Emma and Mr P X